Hello there.

I’m Marcin, the guy behind this little website. I cook all the recipes you can find over here, taste-test them, and photograph everything involved.

DefinitelyNotAChef.com is a place where you’ll find dozens (someday) of tried and true recipes with detailed instructions and tips on cooking them.

Most, if not all, of the recipes I cover here are tweaked versions of recipes I find elsewhere. I test them, adjust the proportions or substitute ingredients until I’m happy with the results, and post them over here.

So you might argue these aren’t original recipes. And I agree, but then again, which recipes really are?

Most recipes you can find online are slightly altered versions of recipes you can find in cookbooks, and those can be found in even older cookbooks. And it’s the same for what I post over here.

What I bring to the table is attention to detail. I write detailed instructions that are easy to follow and photograph the process, so you have something to reference when cooking the dish for the first time.

Furthermore, I’m not that great of a cook myself, so I don’t assume you know how to do stuff in my recipes. Instead, I write it up and provide photos or videos to help you out.

Hope you like what you find.